Mini Lop & Lion Lop Rabbit Breeder

Mini Lop Rabbit Breeder in Yorkshire

I am Lee, a Mini Lop Rabbit breeder in Yorkshire and I also breed Lion Lop rabbits too. My goal is to provide my rabbits with the daily care and attention which they need, crave and deserve.  Breeding rabbits is a hobby which I took up in 2013 and I haven’t looked back since. It is a hobby which gives me so much pleasure and there is nothing better to take me away from the daily grime than to spend time with the rabbits.

In 2017 Oakwood became a member of the British Rabbit Council.  Being a Mini Lop Rabbit breeder and keeping rabbits provides me with so much fun and excitement. I love the challenge of breeding both Mini Lop and Lion Lop rabbits to the highest breed standard I possibly can and I constantly strive to progress and improve the two breeds throughout the generations of rabbits that are born here at Oakwood Rabbits.

Above all as a Mini Lop Rabbit breeder the health and well being of my rabbits his is my number one priority and I believe in providing the very best for my rabbits and for those kits that do not stay here at Oakwood Rabbits, I adhere to stand by and support their new owners with all the advice, tips they may need throughout the rabbits life.

As a result of spending hours and hours with my rabbits, I know each and every one of them as an individual. Each one of my rabbits has his/her own characters (as all rabbits do)  and quite often their character will rub off on their offspring. (this is also taken into consideration through my selection of breeding).  As a result of the time I spend with my rabbits, each and every one of them are used to humans. They are also used a chocolate Labrador and a Chihuahua being around them, so dogs and cats do not spook them. Some of the rabbits, but not all even enjoy running and chasing around playing with my Chihuahua.

You can read character profiles of all my adult rabbits on this website  (currently as of 05/01/2018 I am updating and adding new profiles for youngsters born in 2017). You can keep up to date on a week by week basis of all the rabbits  here in Oakwood Rabbits family on the Oakwood Rabbit Facebook Page.

Sometimes the occasion will arise when I feel that I do not want one of my adult rabbits to have any more babies and it is my wish to retire him/her from being a Mum or Dad.  As a result, on these special occasions I may offer one of my beloved adult rabbits to a very special home in Yorkshire as long Where I know he/she will be taken care of.  On such special occasion, retired rabbits may be posted on the Available page and also the Facebook Page.

If I have Mini Lop Rabbits or Lion Lop Rabbits available and you are interested in viewing my rabbits, I am based in Yorkshire, please do not hesitate to contact me.

You can find out what is going on here at Oakwood Rabbits on a regular basis and or contact me on the Oakwood Rabbit’s  Facebook Page and join in with the conversation with the Oakwood Rabbit’s Family of people who have rabbits from here.

Please be aware that because I am extremely careful not to over breed my rabbits, there may be waiting lists for Kits / Litters, I can and will advise on waiting list lengths up on contact.  Should I not have what you’re looking for, then I may be able to recommend litters from another Mini Lop Rabbit Breeder in Yorkshire.

You can find my contact details over on the contact page. or you can give me a call on 07734 205335.

mini lop rabbit breeder in yorkshire

Above : Between 2015 -2017 it was Jazzie  who single handedly reared most of the kits in my sable family of Mini Lop rabbits and made it what it is today.  In December 2017 Jazzie went to live with Glenaire Rabbits where she continues to be an excellent Mum for Gillian another Mini Lop Rabbit breeder in Yorkshire.