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Agouti Lion Lop – Googles

Agouti Lion Lop - Googles


Googles is an Agouti Lion Lop . He is my first Agouti rabbit, and also my first male mini lion lop!  When I met Googles, I was sold instantly! When he arrived here, it became obvious from the word go, that Googles was quite clearly a born entertainer!  I seriously could not get enough of this little fella!   If I was to try to sum Googles up in a short sentence, it would definitely go a little something like this!

Googles is an active and playful, people loving, mischievous bundles of fluff and fun, he is a joy to be around and I love him to bits! It was his character that had me instantly sold on the Miniature Lion Lop Rabbit. This little fella in my opinion was perhaps the best introduction to the Lion Lop anybody could possibly ask for.

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