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Black Fox Mini Lop Rabbit – Cubid

Cubid is a Black Fox Mini Lop rabbit, She came to join the Oakwood Rabbits family from Bobbtails Stud, a very good friend of Oakwood Rabbits and excellent  breeder and exhibitor of Mini Lop and Lion Lop rabbits from whom we have received much support!.

Cubid  has a very calm, gentle and friendly, Sometimes she will come over for a bit of people time when you go into her hutch, or she’s out on the lawn, other times she might just pretend that you’re not there and carry on doing whatever it is she’s doing at the time chewing on hay, (or the lawn) moving sawdust from one side of the hutch to the other or looking after her babies which she does particularly well!

Cubid has to be one of the best ever Mothers I’ve ever had, I cannot say enough about her maternal instincts!  If Cubid has a litter of kits, then you can pretty much guarantee they’ll grow up into little tanks!  She really does know how to look after a litter of Kits..

While Cubid has been part of the Oakwood Rabbit Family she has given birth to Oakwood Rabbit’s Black Fox Mini Lop Buck Gunther. (Gunther is a character all of his own, more about him on his profile!)

Black Fox Mini Lop Rabbit
Cubid with one of her kits from her litter born in March 2018.

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