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Black Harlequin Carrying Blue


Rossberg is a Black Harlequin carrying blue. Rossberg was born here at Oakwood Rabbits in 2016. His Mum is Pebbles a blue harlequin & His Father is Hershey a Chocolate Magpie.

Rossberg loves to be out on the lawn, and can often be found chomping on a dandelion  flower if there is one within his reach.  Rossberg is very outgoing and bold like his father and is also friendly towards people.  Whilst being picked up isn’t Rossberg’s favorite activity, he will tolerate it as he knows that it usually means he’s heading to spend the afternoon grazing on the lawn and of course where there is grass, there is often dandelions 🙂

During 2017, Rossberg retired early to be with a lovely family as a pet and he is continue to do extremely well.

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Black Harlequin carrying Blue - Rossberg