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Blue Otter Mini Lop Rabbit – Blau

Blau is a blue otter Mini Lop. She was born and bred here at Oakwood Rabbits and is the daughter of Pebbles. (A harlequin Mini Lop) and  Bounty (a Chocolate Otter Mini Mini Lop).  Blau is the result of my ambition to breed a blue Mini Lop but the mere fact that she was a Blue Otter Mini Lop guaranteed her destiny to become part of the Oakwood Rabbit Clan.

Blue Otter Mini Lop Rabbit Breeder
Blau my Blue Otter Mini Lop Rabbit

Having retired some of my Tan and Harlequin Mini Lops in order to introduce some new blood lines to the Oakwood Rabbits clan, Blau will play an important role in preserving her parent’s and grandparent’s blood lines throughout 2018.  I have also introduced Blau to showing towards the end of 2017 where she made herself a fair first impression in the Under 5 section at Huddersfield Rabbit Show.

“Mini Lop Fox/Otter u5 1:1, Lee Prie 17K04373. Blue. Fair type, head to fill in with crown, good drop, coat and colour to develop.” ~  (Judge Gary Richardson’s comment in Fur & Feather Magazine.

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