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My Blue Point Mini Lop

Jazz is a very friendly little blue point Mini Lop girl and she loves snuggles and cuddles. If she’s not getting attention from her people friends, or lounging around with people the garden, then you will normally find Jazzie building nests in her hutch (even when she doesn’t have babies).  Jazzie is the Mother to Gertrude, Tic-Tac and Reuven.

Blue Point Mini Lop
My Jazzie, the Mother to Tic-Tac, Reuven and Gertrude and Grandma to Faith.


In December 2017 Jazzie moved to live at Glenaire Rabbits a good friend of Oakwood Rabbits and rabbit breeder in Yorkshire. Before Jazzie retires from being a Mum she will have her last couple litters for Gillian.

At the beginning of the year Jazzie was busy at Glenaire Rabbit’s rearing a litter of kits sired by Bruce.

Jazzie’s litter sired by Glenaire Rabbit’s Bruce.

Keep an eye on the Oakwood Rabbit’s Facebook for news as it comes about the family that Jazzie has reared for us here at Oakwood Rabbits.

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