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Otis my broken butterfly mini lop

Broken Mini Lop Rabbit

Otis, is a broken butterfly Mini Lop Rabbit.  He was my first of currently six bucks (Male Rabbits).  True to the general trend that Bucks are generally more friendly than Does (Female Rabbits), Otis here is such a friendly, attention seeking cuddle monster who likes to  greet his human friends and show off with a few bunny 500’s around his living space.

Otis knows that when there are people around, that it must mean that there is something nice coming his way!  Whether that be some floor time, grass time with a lady friend or even just a simple hand full of Meadow hay (his favorite).  Otis is, and always has been a very happy rabbit, and seldom gets moody.  If Rabbit’s could smile, then Otis’s little face would be smiling from ear to ear all day long!

Otis  is also a real gentleman with his lady friends and has sired several litters of gorgeous kits. Including some harlequins, Broken Butterfly, chocolate and black butterfly.

Otis is now a Grandad.  Hershey  is Otis’ Grand Son, Like his Grandad, Hershey is very cheeky and demands attention from his human friends.


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