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THE chocolate Based mini lop family – continued

After careful thought about the prospect of buying another Duo of Mini Lop rabbits,  I decided that it was the right thing to do and started work on building two more hutches in the shed above where Bindy and Otis lived. Shortly after, Whisper (a Chocolate Otter Mini Lop) and Harley (a harlequin Mini Lop) joined the quickly expanding family at Oakwood Rabbits from two separate breeders in Yorkshire.  Bindy and Otis never did produce another tan colored kit, but I did keep one of the boys back from the last litter that I allowed Bindy to have.  I called him Sparta.

THE Second Chapter – Hershey is born
Baby Sparta
Black Mini Lop Doe

The reason I wanted to keep Sparta back so much was because he was a Harlequin, similar to Harley who had not long since sired his first litter of chocolate otter and chocolate self kits to Whisper.

Once I was certain that Sparta was staying here at Oakwood Rabbits, I decided that there was plenty of room to build another hutch.  This would allow me to introduce another Doe to grow up alongside him and eventually become a mate. That doe is Lunar.  Lunar is a black self Mini Lop and she carries the coat colour, chocolate.

Lunar and Sparta matured. Eventually Sparta sired his first litter with Lunar. In that litter the were four kits. A Chocolate Self, a Chocolate Otter, a Harlequin and a Chocolate Magpie. I was advised that it would be in my best interest to keep the chocolate Magpie kit for myself, and so Lunar’s and Sparta’s baby Chocolate Magpie, who I called Hershey found himself a home here at Oakwood Rabbits


Hershey, A chocolate Magpie, the son of Sparta and Lunar.



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