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Chocolate Harlequin Mini Lop Rabbit – berta

Berta is a chocolate Harlequin Mini Lop rabbit.  When Berta is kindling a litter of kits, she always seems to enjoy being a part of getting her babies used to be handled by humans. She will always come to help me count her kits and watch me handle them.  As silly as this all sounds, the very fact that Berta is so interested and happy for me to handle her babies, it really does help the kits learn and understand that it’s OK to like people. Berta also loves her ears tickling like her Mum Scarlet. If I’m in her hutch and I am not tickling her ears, then she will let me know by giving me a gentle nudge.

Berta’s also likes to have a nosy around everyone else’s hutch when she is out and about having free time.  I am also pretty sure that it amuses Berta  to get all the bucks stomping by visiting the front of their hutches and rubbing their noses.

Berta is the Granddaughter of Battenberg, and the Daughter of Rossberg from our family of Harlequin Mini Lop Rabbits.  Both her Mum and Father have retired from being parents and are now living their lives with special people who have adopted them for the rest of their lives.  I have every confidence in Berta to continue  Harley’s  legacy (My very first Buck) and carry his friendly and inquisitive traits through into the next generation of Chocolate Harlequin Mini Lop Rabbits.

Berta is also going to be the Mother and hopefully also the Grandmother to our first Harlequin Lion Lops and we are all very excited at the prospect of Harley’s legacy being carried through into my Lion Lop Rabbits.

Chocolate Harlequin Mini Lop Rabbit
Berta my Chocolate Harlequin Mini Lop Rabbit

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