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Chocolate Harlequin Mini Lop


Goldberg is a chocolate Harlequin Mini Lop doe (and is a possible carrier of Blue Eyed White).  Goldberg was born here at Oakwood Rabbits in 2016 and is the daughter of Hershey (Dad) who is a Chocolate Magpie  and Battenberg (Mum) who is a Black Harlequin Carrying Blue.   Her Grandma Pebbles who is a Blue Harlequin lives here at Oakwood Rabbits too.

Goldberg is happy to be stroked and handled like both Mum and Grandma, and like Father Hershey and has a really friendly nature when approached, and always wants to know what you’re doing (just like her Dad Hershey).  Towards the end of 2016 Goldberg and I have been working on her being comfortable with being picked up/

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Chocolate Harlequin Mini Lop