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Chocolate Magpie Lion Lop carrying blue eyed

Frazzle is a Single Maned Chocolate Magpie carrying Blue Eyed White & satin. Frazzle is also my first Magpie who carries blue eyed white, and like quite a few rabbits in my stud, because Frazzle is carries Blue Eyed White I am really looking forward to introducing a Blue Eyed White to Frazzle.

Frazzle was bred by a good friend of mine. Even before I knew that my friend would let me to take Frazzle home, I loved her from the first time I saw her shortly after she was born!  For me there is something special about Frazzle, Some of my first rabbits that I have owned and bred have carried Blue Eyed White and It is the legacy of those first rabbits that I really want to keep alive in one of my lines and Frazzle here is a perfect little lady who can help me to do just that!  Together Frazzle and I have some pretty exciting plans for the future so do stay tuned! 🙂

Frazzle is such a drama queen. As do all lion lops, Frazzle oozes with character and is such a people loving rabbit and enjoys attention. Frazzle also has another little amusing party trick up her sleeve! Unlike a lot of rabbits who might shy away when they see a camera, Frazzle here doesn’t! Instead she just goes off into this crazy cat-walk mode posing for the camera.  I’m certain she knows how beautiful she is!  She does make me laugh!

Chocolate Magpie Carrying Blue Eyed White

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