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My Chocolate Otter Mini Lops

I am a bit of a chocoholic when it comes Pet Coat colours and Rabbits are no exemption.Whisper was my first Chocolate Otter Mini Lop rabbit  and also my first tan rabbit


Whisper was a very friendly and calm rabbit.  As a result of this lovely nature she was normally very easily bonded with other rabbits. Whisper’s lovely nature is also evident in the care that she provides to her Kits. Whisper was all I can possibly ask of a Mother and was always happy to show me her babies. (Some rabbits won’t let you near), but that’s fine too.

Whisper has reared some stunning Tan Mini Lop kits, both otters and fox’s in Lilac and Chocolate coat colour.

Black Self, Chocolate Tan (Otter), Orange Ruffus Mini Lop
Jaffa, Lunar and Whisper enjoying floor time together

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