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Cinnamon Mini Lion Lop – Kitten

Cinnamon Mini Lion Lop - Kitten


Kitten is a Cinnamon Mini Lion Lop, she has a character that conforms to that of all Mini Lion Lops that I have met, and that is that she is a friendly people loving ball of fluff and fun!

Peaches loves being out with me on the grass, or often she’ll sit with me (where she is sat in the photos) on top of my big box where I put my rabbits when I’m grooming them or clipping their nails.  Kitten seems to enjoy being close to me and snuggle next to my leg me on the lawn where she’ll normally start munching away at a blade of grass or two.  If she is on the lawn with me, every now and then she’ll look up as if she has noticed something, and tootle off to explore the garden for a little whilst.

Cinnamon Mini Lion Lop

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