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Dark Sable Marten Mini Lop

Bandit, is a Dark Sable Marten bred in Yorkshire by another local breeder I know and trust in Wakefield.  He is one currently my only Marten rabbit and has produced a produced a stunning litter which included a dark sable marten, and two Frosty Point kits.

‘Bandit  Can often be seen doing bunny 500’s in his rolls royce of a hutch, dashing like lightning upstairs and downstairs before ending the performance with one ginormous bunny flop! A performance that I never tire of seeing.  When out of his hutch in the garden Bandit keeps me on my toes, following him around, to be sure he gets upto no mischief and stays within the boundaries of the lawn.

You can see  more photos of Bandit and my other rabbits on Oakwood Rabbits Facebook Page

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