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Fawn Lion Lop Rabbit – Flo.

Fawn Lion Lop rabbit
Flo seen on the Left with her siblings at 8 weeks old.

On the 18th May 2017 Flo a Fawn Lion Lop Rabbit (on the left in the photo below) was one of three in the first ever litter of Lion Lop rabbits to be born here at Oakwood Rabbits.  She is the daughter of Peaches (Mother) and Googles (Father) and true to the breed Flo is such a gentle little sweetheart.  Flo will happily sit for hours letting me stroke and brush and she also enjoys the occasional run around the garden (Although she doesn’t stray very far from me when she is out and about.

At the beginning of 2017 I was introduced to Lion Lop rabbits by a good friend and breeder of Mini Lop and Lion Lop rabbits. Encouraged to try showing rabbits by my friend after some thought and getting over a little  lack of confidence, I made a conscious decision to take up the encouragement.  With the much needed support I made it my long term goal to begin showing rabbits.  I also decided that it would be with Lion Lop Rabbit I would make my debut into showing rabbit shows.

During the end of 2017 Flo has done me proud, she was the rabbit who gave me the confidence to dip my foot in the water and begin to try out showing rabbits and Flo has really done herself proud to gaining herself not only her first Challenge Certificate, but the first challenge certificate ever to be awarded to a rabbit born and bred here at Oakwood Rabbits.

That makes Flo a little bit special to me, because without the encouragement and support from my friend, and Flo’s beautiful friendly nature allowing me to learn the ropes of grooming and preparing rabbits for show, I would never have had the confidence to step into the world of showing rabbits.

Orange Lion Lop
Flo on the judging table at the Bradford Premier Small Animal Show 2018 with James Hutchinson.

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