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Gunther – a Crazy Super-Dooper Happy Bunny

Gunther! Well where do I start with Gunther?  OK, to summarize Gunther in one sentence, He is a Crazy Super Dooper happy bunny!  Ok, so he is a Black Fox Mini Lop Rabbit.  Cubid’s is Gunther’s Mother and Whisper his Grandmother. In a funny kind of way Gunther takes after his Grandfather Bounty in character, but 10 times over.

Black Fox Mini Lop - Happy Bunny
Gunther – Black Fox Mini Lop

I’m pretty certain that Gunther runs on those Duracell longer, longer lasting Batteries haha!  He just never ever stops!  He is such an adorable happy and playful character, but very also very mischievous.   Chasing People is Gunther’s favorite game!  If it looks as though Gunther is going to run from one end of the garden to the other in order to catch your feet, then he probably is!  However if there’s nobody to chase, that’s absolutely fine by Gunther, he’s happy just to chase his own shadow and he will do it all day long if you let him!

I did try to take Gunther to the rabbit shows ONCE!  He was just too giddy and happy go lucky! All he wanted to do was PLAY and Chase!, From that day Gunther pretty much made his own choice regarding his rabbit showing career. However we are looking forward to Gunther becoming a Father, and I really do hope they will be just as fun to be around as Gunther.

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