My Lilac Harlequin Mini Lop
Harlequin Mini Lop

Harley, My little star.

Harley  was my first ever Harlequin rabbit. He is a Lilac Harlequin Mini Lop, and as are all of my rabbits, (although he was not bread by myself) Harley was born and bred in Yorkshire

Although fairly shy and reserved for a buck, Harley is  friendly and will come readily to feed from your hands and doesn’t mind being stroked, and given some daily human attention as along as he’s on all four feet, and it has to be on his terms!

During play time and outdoor time he enjoys himself that much that he gets all carried away, forgetting himself in all the bunny fun of the garden that he can prove to be a little monkey to catch.  He is very quick, and loves darting around showing off with his super fast bunny 500’s.

Harley is my little star and has fathered some absolutely stunning babies to Whisper, both in colour and nature.

Together Whisper and Harley have previously reared super natured babies with colours ranging from, Lilac,  Lilac Fox,  Lilac Otters, Chocolate Otter,  Chocolates Solid and black.

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