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orange ruffus mini lop rabbit

Jaffa (Affectionately called Jiffa Jaffa) is an Orange Ruffus Mini Lop.  I brought Jaffa home from another breeder in Yorkshire around 2 years ago as an 8 week old kit. Now I know it is naughty to have favourites, but Jaffa is very definitely one of my very favourite rabbit.

Jaffa Rabbit is such a very cheeky face and loves to be cuddled and sit on the grass with me.  Jaffa is also generally happy to be friends most other rabbits i have (although some do not repay her with the friendship she gives out so willingly).  Jaffa as seen below is even happy to share food with other rabbits during play time.

Jaffa - the Orange Ruffus Mini Lop Rabbit feeding with Whisper
Jaffa (Left) can during play time sharing some yummy veggies with Whisper.

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