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About The Lion Lop Rabbit

At the beginning of 2017 I have been very lucky to find a friend and breeder of the Lion Lop Rabbit. Someone helpful and willing to guide me along the way on my journey to breed Lops and guide me through my long term goal to begin showing them. A long term goal that I am really excited about and so looking forward to!

Lion Lop RabbitThe Lion Lop Character

WOW! What is there not to say about the character of a Lion Lop! Just when I thought you couldn’t top the characters of the Mini Lop, I discovered these little characters! The best way that I can describe their characters, is to simply say that they are playful, people loving, mischievous bundles of fluff and fun!

As are all rabbits, Lion Lops are also sociable animals who very definitely thrive on attention!!   Without stimulation as with all rabbits, they will l easily get bored. Also Due to their long manes, Lion Lops need to be groomed regularly. This doesn’t need to take a long time, just two to three minutes brushing them will ensure their coats stay fresh and free from tangles.


The color variety in the Miniature Lion Lop is growing constantly, Here at Oakwood Rabbits I am planning to concentrate on Agouti Based colors of and then slowly begin to introduce the Harlequin pattern into my Miniature Lion Lops.

Please do check the Oakwood Rabbit Facebook page where you can find up-to-date information and news regards to my Miniature Lion Lop Rabbits.