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Lunar – Female black mini lop rabbit

Rehome a rabbit - Lunar - Black Mini Lop Rabbit

Breed: Black Mini Lop Rabbit
Age: 3 years
Sex: Doe (female)
Neutered : No
Location: Leeds, West Yorkshire

Lunar has experienced previous difficulties during her last pregnancy, therefor she must never be used for breeding as another similar experience for lunar could kill her!


Lunar is a lovely rabbit looking for a home where she can continue to receive the high standard of care that I provide my rabbits.  Lunar is a friendly rabbit who is happy to be handled. Lunar is used to free roaming on the lawn (Rabbit proof) and getting her share of daily attention and stroking.  She also enjoys being brushed.

Ideal home:

Due to her size only, I would not recommend Lunar as a companion for small children, as Neither the small child, nor Lunar would benefit from such companionship.


Lunar has been proven to bond really well with a number of my girls, however as in every case, bonding a rabbit with a new companion must be approached with great care, respect and attention, it can be a lengthy process, but once a bond has been established the rabbits provide great companionships for one and other.

For more information about bonding rabbits, do check out the RSPCA’s article regarding bonding rabbits

More Pictures Of Lunar

Rehome a rabbit - Lunar - Black Mini Lop Rabbit
Jaffa, Whisper and Lunar all enjoying floor time together.
Lunar enjoying floor time with Jaffa and Whisper