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mini lop rabbits – questions and answers

For those of you thinking of reserving / purchasing a baby mini lop rabbit.  To help  you prepare and / or  decide whether a mini lop is the right pet for you, I have compiled a list of Mini Lop Rabbit – Questions and Answers.

Mini Lop Rabbit - Frequently Asked Questions
My Pebbles and one of her babies from her first Litter.
How long will my rabbit live?

A Mini Lop rabbit looked after really well can live upto 14 years of age,

How Big Will My Mini Lop Grow

A Mini Lop rabbit will grow to about 1.6 kg.  Also you are more than welcome to arrange to come and view the gang including Mother and Father of any baby bunnies that I might have available for sale.  This will give you a good idea of how big you can expect your baby mini lop to grow.

Is it true that Bucks (Males)  are more friendly than Does (Females)?

Whilst in my own opinion there is no hard and fast rule, or guarantee that makes this statement true, Generally I do find that my bucks are much more tolerant and cuddly than the Does.   This however, does not in any way shape or form mean that Does are not friendly, because treat right with love and care, both bucks and does can be very friendly.

How Many mini lops should I get

By nature rabbits live in groups, so I always say that a rabbit should, or ought to be within sight or sound and smell of a companion. Whether that companion is YOU or another rabbit, all depends on your situation!

If are at home most of the day, most of the time then you and your rabbit can form a bond between each other, and you and your rabbit may not need the companion of another rabbit.

However, if you rabbit is now within sight, sound and smell of throughout long periods of the day, or you plan for your rabbit to live outdoors, then in your rabbits best interest, he/she really ought to have the companion of another rabbit.

Male and Female, or Two Females

Below the general rule which I follow and works 90% of the time. Occasionally the behavior or any particular rabbit, or pair of rabbits may differ and the general rule below may not apply.  If you are experiencing any problems bonding rabbits that you have bought from me, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to offer any advice I can.

Two Bucks (Males)  Although you can bond two bucks and they can occasionally get along into adulthood  (if neutered) I would not recommend this combination as more often than not, once two bucks reach maturity, they’re likely to be grumpy with each and maybe even fight with each other despite being neutered.

Two Does (Female) Two Does can be bonded together fairly easy.  It is particularly easy to bond two girls if bought from the same litter as much bonding has already taken place during the time the kits have been with their Mother.  Neutering one or both Does is recommended, but not essential, some Does will live happily together with no issues at all.

Buck and Doe This is by far the easiest combination to bond, but be aware a Rabbit becomes mature at around 5 months old, and babies are imminent unless at least one rabbit has been neutered either before 5 months or just after.  (Your vet will have preferences re: age for your rabbit to have the surgery).

Can A Mini Lop rabbit live inside as a house rabbit?

Yes Mini Lop Rabbits can live either indoors or outdoors, they do make excellent house rabbits. (I have sold rabbits to numerous people who can also testify this.)

Can a Mini Lop rabbit be toilet trained?

Yes a Mini Lop rabbit can be litter trained, All of my babies are introduced to a litter tray from birth, although a little encouragement may be needed once the baby rabbit is taken to its new home.

How big does the hutch need to be for an outdoor rabbit?

The bigger the better!  But an absolute minimum sized hutch of (4ft x 2ft x2ft) is required.  All rabbits living in any size of a hutch must be allowed free running space for excersise!

What Veg do you feed your rabbits and how much?

Rabbits must have an adult sized handful of safe washed leafy green vegetables, herbs and weeds daily.  My rabbit’s eat Cauliflower, Brocolli Spring Greens, Carrots (not too many due to the high amount of sugar), Spinach, Kale, Small amounts of Cabbage, Dandelion (Leaf and Flower),  Romaine Lettuce (But definitely not Iceberg Lettuce!)

Is there a rabbit pellet that you recommend?

I feed my rabbits Massey Bros pellets with ACS this can be ordered and purchased online in 25kg sacks from Burnhills 

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