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Mini Lop Rabbits Available near Leeds and Wakefield

Updated 28 December 2018

Mini Lop Rabbits Available – Two Black Self Young Bucks

I have two black self mini lop rabbits available. Two brothers and they are available to leave now.  Mum is Blau.  Blau is a blue otter mini lop rabbit.  Dad is Gunther.  Gunther is a black fox mini lop.

They were born on 24th August 2018 (18 weeks on 1st January 2019) and they are both really friendly and happy to be handled.  Although they are brothers and they are currently happily bonded.   If you were thinking giving these beautiful youngsters a home, you may want to be sure that they can be separated if need be once they mature.   I am also happy to home these youngsters separately.

£40 Each.

Mini Lop Rabbits Available


Baby Rabbits from me which are available to be reserved are £40 and and in order to secure your reservation I will require a minimum of £10 deposit per kit.   My number one priority is that my my rabbits leave here me having received the very best start to life.  Each are handled daily to ensure that they are friendly and happy to be handled.

If you are thinking about bringing a rabbit into your home, please be aware that if looked after and given the correct care and attention that they need, a rabbit can live to 10 years old.  If you need any help or advice on preparing your home/garden for the arrival of your new rabbit, please do not hesitate to contact me and I’ll be more than happy to help.  For anyone who buys a rabbit from me I am also always on the end of the phone, an email or Facebook Message should you need any help or advice throughout your rabbit’s life.

Throughout 2017 I have been working hard on a new generations of rabbits.  I breed mainly Lion Lop Oranges, Orange Butterflies and Blue Eyed Whites, and Mini Lop Sables, Points and Otters. Most of the litters I have are to keep back so that once they are old enough to have baby rabbits of their own, they can  continue the Oakwood Rabbit family into 2018 and beyond.

No rabbits will be available to leave their Mum   they are 8 weeks the very earliest

For more news on upcoming kits and availabilities, you can also check out Oakwood Rabbit’s Facebook Page