Mini Lop Rabbits available now

Throughout 2017 I have been working hard on a new generations of rabbits, all of who are now old enough to have babies of their own to continue the Oakwood Rabbit family onto 2018 and beyond.

I am pleased to be able to say that some of my Mini Lop and Lion Lop girls are expecting litters in February 2018 

All being well these will be ready to be reserved in March and ready to leave their Mum in April, however please stay posted for news as events unfold during first couple of months of 2018. For more news and information, as it comes in, please check out my Oakwood Rabbits Facebook Page

Chocolate Harlequin Mini Lop Rabbit

Born here at Oakwood Rabbits in 2017, Berta here is looking forward to being a Mum and continuing the Oakwood Family onto the next generation.