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About mini lop rabbits

Mini Lop rabbits are the smallest of the lop-eared breeds, weighing between 3 and 3 1/2 lb. The Mini Lop is rounded in shape, short and stocky, with strong legs.

One of my Otter Mini Lop Rabbits
Blau is a blue otter Mini Lop rabbit. She’s the daughter of Pebbles and Bounty

Mini Lop rabbits are generally very friendly and approachable rabbits, they make good pets both as house rabbits or outdoors.  Because Mini Lops are generally friendly and approachable they good pets for most.  As are all rabbits, the Mini Lop rabbit is an active, playful and sociable animal and will thrive on attention.  Without stimulation a Mini Lop will easily get bored, and a bored rabbit, is not a happy rabbit.


Mini Lops come in many, colours, including variations of Orange, White, Chocolate, Blue and Black. Some colors are more difficult and rare to breed than others, but if you are interested in becoming a mini lop rabbit breeder or are just starting a new stud, then Most reputable breeders should be able to talk to you about the colors of rabbits that they are focusing on and to assist you in your choice of colours to help you get started. 


I have 3 different colour groups of Mini Lop Rabbits.  These are Sables (Seal Point, Blue Point, Siamese Sable and Siamese Smokes), Harlequins (Chocolate Harlequin) and Tans (Black Otter Blue Otter, Black Fox).

All my rabbits are used to and enjoy the company of humans (Especially My Company, they know me as their friend) and can often be quite demanding of my attention because they know that they get lots of it from me  attention I give them.

My rabbits are first and foremost my pets, and I also love to let them have litters so that I can enjoy watching them rearing their babies.  As with my adults.  All the kits from my mini lop rabbits are handled from 3-4 days old so that when they are 8 weeks old and are ready to leave Mum, they too will be used and enjoy the company of people.

For information regarding adopting a kit from the Oakwood Rabbits family of rabbits, then do keep an eye out on the Available Kits page and also you can see News and Updates as it happens day by day over on the Oakwood Rabbits Facebook Page

One Of My Mini Lop Rabbits
Sweep, now retired is the Sister of Jazzie.