About the mini lop rabbit

Mini Lops are the smallest of the lop-eared breeds, The typically rounded in shape, short and stocky, with strong legs.


Mini Lops are generally very friendly and approachable rabbits, they make good pets, both as house rabbits or outdoors and are suitable pets for most children younger children will need to supervised. As are all rabbits, the Mini Lops rabbit are an active, playful and sociable animals and thrive on attention.  Without stimulation a Mini Lop will easily get bored, and a bored rabbit, is not a happy rabbit.


Mini Lops come in many colours, But here at Oakwood Rabbits with the rabbits we have, we are concentrating on Seal Points throughout 2017.  Throughout 2018 I plan to continue the work on the Seal Point Mini Lop line and also the regeneration of the Harlequin Mini Lop line. Both lines which will be bred to the standards set out by the British Rabbit Council.  I am also working on regenerating Oakwood Rabbit’s Mini Lop tan lines after retiring many of our previous generation of tan mini lops throughout 2017..

Siamese Medium Sable Mini Lop Rabbit

My sweep, (A Siamese Sable Mini Lop) who was bred by a friend who is also a breeder of Mini Lop Rabbits