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Introducing The Netherland Dwarfs

I would not recommend a Netherland Dwarf as a pet for young children!  If you are looking for a pet rabbit for younger children, then please see my mini lops rabbits 


Netherland Dwarf Rabbits (often affectionately called Nethies) are among the smallest rabbit breeds that you will find. Typically they are about the size of a guinea pig, but slightly taller and weigh in at around 1½-2½lbs. Netherland Dwarfs have short soft, hair and tiny upright ears.


Despite the Netherland Dwarf’s small size, they certainly make up for it in attitude. Netherland Dwarfs have such huge egos with matching temperaments to go with it

In my experience Netherland Dwarfs have a tendency to like their own space and they quite often seem to have a mindset of their own.

Netherland Dwarfs will need lots and lots of patience, and also time and attention in order to win over their hearts as they are not as readily tameable as Mini Lops.  In the right environment and with the right amount of time, patience and attention,  there is no reason why you cannot have a friendly Nethie which will happily be petted by older children and adults.


Please note that despite their small size, a Netherland Dwarf is a very active rabbit, and should be treated and housed just the same as any larger rabbits. A Nethie will need an absolutle minimum of a 4ft x 3ft hutch and also plenty of time out of the hutch exercising in a run/pen.

Netherland Dwarfs
Mississippi my Black Otter Netherland Dwarf


Recent News

Both my Netherland Dwarf Does are expecting their first litters at the end of May 2016 / beginning of June 2016.

Do keep an eye out on the Oakwood Rabbit Facebook Page and the News Page  of this website for any news on the arrival of Oakwood Rabbit’s first litters of Netherland Dwarf Rabbits.