Orange Mini Lop Rabbit – Scarlet

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Orange Mini Lop Rabbit – Scarlet

Scarlet is an Orange Mini Lop Rabbit. Scarlet arrived from a good friend during 2016 and gave birth to Berta (a Harlequin Mini Lop) sired by Rossberg.

Since I started breeding Mini Lop rabbits, I have always thought that an Orange rabbit sure stand out from the crowd due to their vivid and bright orange colour. Scarlet is displays the perfect example of a Mini Lop rabbit, a laid back and friendly rabbit, who is happy to be handled, stroked and given lots of attention.

Scarlet’s gentle and  friendly nature not only shines brightly through her relationship with Humans, she is also a joy to watch with her kits.  Her devotion to them is just a beautiful thing to witness..

Orange Mini Lop Rabbit

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