Baby Rabbits Due Soon.

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Baby rabbits due between 1st and 4th May 2015

I am  pleased to announce that for the next couple of months until we can predict warmer weather, once the outdoor play pen is complete, I am  having a 2 month break from construction.  This has provided a gap for me to allow for the first matings of my rabbits of 2015. Fingers crossed, I will have the first of 2015’s litters of baby rabbits born over the spring bank holiday. These will be available to be reserved at the beginning of June. 

Do stay tuned, and keep an eye on this page and also  Oakwood Rabbits Facebook Page for the latest news on the new arrivals.

Polo (REW) & Bandit (bLACK fOX)

This will be the first time Bandit (black fox) has sired a litter.  Polo’s first litter of 6, sired by Harley were all REWs. and  I’m hoping that Bandit will bring out some of Polo’s colours, which are hidden under that beautiful white coat of hers. Her babies will be due between 1st and 4th May 2015.

Polo & Bandit's baby rabbits due at the beginning of May

Pebbles & Harley

This is Pebbles first ever mating and I am really looking forward to seeing what colour variety of Harlequin markings their babies will have.

Pebbles & Harley's baby rabbits due at the beginning of May.
Pebbles and Harley