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Rehome A Rabbit From Oakwood Rabbits

If you see are wanting to rehome a rabbit from oakwood rabbits, then please check the on the right to see if there are any rabbits listed as rabbits available to rehome.

Sometimes  I am faced with really difficult decision where I need to rehome a rabbit / rabbits. All the rabbits that live here are at Oakwood Rabbits are loved as individual rabbits and in every case I know each rabbit’s character,  their individual likes/dislikes and individual needs to the tee (Every rabbit has their own individual character!)

In such cases, that one of my rabbits is available for rehoming, then I am on the look out for someone who is looking to rehome a rabbit for companionship for either themselves or to bond with another rabbit, and someone who is willing continue to provide the happy and healthy life that my rabbits are all used to and expect here at Oakwood Rabbits.

When I decide to  rehome a rabbit, and I find a suitable owner for the rabbit, then the new owners will be provided with a care-sheet which will provide the new owner a detailed plan of exactly what the rabbit they are rehoming has grown used to and expects from their human companions..

Terms And Conditions Of Rehoming One Of My Rabbits

It is a policy of mine that my rabbits do not have young after the age of 3 years old or sooner, in the case of any of my rabbits showing signs of not wanting to have young, they will also be retired at a younger age.

In all circumstances, unless otherwise stated. Any rabbits who are on this ‘Rehome A Rabbit’ page of my website must never be used for breeding.  The rabbits available for re homing are either being retired, or they have experienced stress / difficulties looking after their young and it is in their best interest that they do not have any more litters!

Rehome A Rabbit
Whisper and Jaffa during floor time sharing some yummy veggies