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My Sable Mini lops

Throughout 2017 and 2018 with my Sable Mini Lop family I have been focusing on forming a trio of Seal Point and Red Eyed Whites carrying the dilute genes (needed to breed Blue Points and Siamese Smoke).  As of May 2018 with a little help from our friends and of course not forgetting Jazzie who has done much of the hard work rearing the Kits our Sable family trio of girls are Gertrude, Tic-Tac and Faith.

Throughout 2018 we are looking forward to seeing some litters from Gert, Tic-Tac and then Faith in 2019 once is old enough. Together in the not so distant future we hope to rear not only Seal Point kits, but also some Blue Point, Siamese Sable and Siamese Smoke kits.  Lots to look forward to!

Gertrude - One of my Siamese Sable Mini Lop Rabbits
Gertrude is a Siamese Sable Mini Lop. She is the daughter of Jazzie my Blue Point Mini Lop rabbit, I’m looking forward to future litters with Gertrude and will be focusing on breeding Blue Points from Gerty.

Keep an eye on the Oakwood Rabbit’s Facebook for more news as it comes about our Sable Family of Mini Lops