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Sable Smoke Lion Lop

Sable Smoke Lion LopBubba, is a Sable Smoke Lion Lop rabbit. She was bred by a good friend, and when I saw Bubba it was love at first sight!  I can’t express how nice it is, not only to have a sable smoke rabbit back in my stud, but a sable smoke lion lop rabbit.

The Lion Lop is a breed of rabbit which I was introduced to at the beginning of 2017.  Originally I would never have thought I would have enjoyed keeping Lion Lops, however my Googles my very first Lion Lop soon changed my mind about that!  Google’s arrived in style and was very quick to show me how lovable the lion lop rabbit is with his clown like antics and friendly nature.  As a result the lion lop is a breed of rabbit which I have very quickly fell in love throughout 2017)

Bubba’s character is so true to her breed (the lion lop rabbit), she has a superb, is very gentle and extremely friendly and despite some lion lops not being so keen on on having their long hair being brushed, Bubba here seems to take it all in her stride and will happily sit happily on my knee getting a good brush.

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