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THE chocolate based mini lop family

This is the brief and somewhat condensed story of how I started breeding Mini Lop Rabbits as a hobby, It is also a look back into the family history of my Chocolate based Mini Lop Rabbits, some of who are no longer here at Oakwood Rabbits, but are most certainly not forgotten and have become little Legends in their own rights.

In the beginning

In the beginning there was Bindy, my pet Mini Lop Rabbit. She was such a friendly thing and loved playing catch me if you can in the garden.

A Young Bindy

After some time, I decided that it would be a good idea to get Bindy a mate. Convinced that this was the right thing to do, I built two 6 foot hutches at either side of the shed so that the two rabbits would be able to see, hear and smell each other, but not get together unless they were being supervised.

Broken Mini Lop

Once the hutches were complete, I contacted a number of Breeders and found a baby buck. He had a coat pattern that was vaguely similar to that of Bindy’s, and I called him Otis.

Otis and Bindy lived across the way from each other in the shed for around 6 months. After some serious thought and research into what was involved, I decided it would be a nice idea to allow Bindy and Otis to have a litter of kits.

Bindy’s Black Otter Baby

31 days later Bindy gave birth to her first litter. As the kits  grew I noticed one of them looked like a Duracell battery. It amused me so much that I searched on the internet to see if this was just a freak chance of nature, or if other rabbits had be born this colour. I found out pretty quickly that this kit was a Black Otter.

I loved every minute of watching the black otter’s colours develop as he grew. Eventually once the kits were re-homed and Bindy had herself a good rest. I let her have another litter with Otis

I was certain that Otis was going to sire another Black Otter, after all if it had happened once, surely it could happen again! There was however everything else apart from a Black Otter, and that was my first introduction to the bamboozling, yet fascinating world of the genetics of rabbit coat colours doing their thing.

Despite not getting my Black Otter from the second mating, I was hooked by all the little cheeky faces running riot in my shed.  I had also found myself with the challenge to breed another little Duracell Battery Mini Lop.

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