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Harley was a Lilac Harlequin Mini Lop, he was the first Harlequin rabbit I had in my stud.  Sadly Harley died in 2016 and his departure left a huge hole in my little family of rabbits.  His legacy however will never be forgotten. Harley sired Battenberg to Pebbles, and he is Grandad to Goldberg.

Harlequin Mini Lop


pebbles LEGACY

Harley’s partner in crime was Pebbles.  Pebbles is a Blue Harlequin VC (Vienna Carrier). Dating back 5 generations to Pebbles’ Father (a Vienna Marked Mini Lop) Pebbles introduced a h the Vienna Gene into my Harlequin line carrying and showing the Vienna Gene. This has been proven through the gene reappearing as Vienna marked mini lop kits in some of Pebbles’ descendant litters.  Due to the amount of Vienna Marked rabbits and Vienna Carriers that there are in this line, it has not been possible for me to consider showing my Harlequin Mini Lops yet

There is a good year and a half of work which I have put into this line, and it is a line that I have really enjoyed seeing progress, so In order to continue improve this line to show quality and eventually take Pebble’s Legacy into the shows. I will be steering my harlequin line into a slightly different and new direction.

Vienna Marked Mini Lop Rabbits
Pebbles and her descendants from left to right :- Rossberg, Goldberg, Pebbles and Battenberg

Vienna carrier and Vienna markeD mini Lop Rabbits

If you plan to breed show stock from kits which may become available from my Harlequin line, then unless they are BEWs (Blue Eyed Whites) and you plan to breed a BEW to a BEW, then I would advice that you do not reserve any litters whose parents I have specified are VM (Vienna Marked) or VC (Vienna Carriers) as the chance that you may breed a Vienna Marked Mini Lop (an unshowable rabbit) into your lines is likely.

If you are at all unsure about any Kits that may become available, please just contact me and ask and I will confirm whether or not the kit is proven to have the Vienna Gene in its history.

vienna marked mini lop rabbits


Please do check the Oakwood Rabbit Facebook page where you can find up-to-date information and news regards to my Miniature Lion Lop Rabbits.